A few words from past clients who tried the "Renew It" solution

Dear Peter:

We first became aware of the value of resurfacing rather than replacing bath tubs in 1977 when we purchased a 1930's era home in Nashville, Tennessee. We had the original bath tub resurfaced and the results were splendid. We lived in that house for the next 12 years and the surface neither peeled nor chipped.

When we moved into our Edgemont home here in Calgary in 1989, we did not hesitate to have one of the bath tubs resurfaced as it had been scraped and gouged in several places down to base level. That resurfacing was done at least 15 years ago and the bath tub looks great.

I can certainly attest to the durability of resurfacing products and we did not hesitate to have our sinks redone recently rather than undertaking more costly and disruptive renovations.

Lorraine Herwig
To Whom It May Concern:

I employed Peter Zacharias from Quality Building and Renovations in July 2002, to repair a chip in my bathtub and restipple the bathroom ceiling. I was so pleased with his work that I asked him if he would also paint the interior of my home.

The quality of Peter's workmanship and his attention to detail is exemplary

I am pleased to add my name to his list of references, as he is a true craftsman.

His work is completed in a timely manner. He also takes the time to return pictures and furniture back into place.

Thank you Peter for a job well done!
CM. Hayston

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