Consider the return on investment

Quality Renew It specializes in an alternative, to the high cost of replacing with new. Not only will a refreshed bathroom provide you with a new look, it is also an improvement in the value of your home. The most common damage in tubs, sinks, vanity tops, tile and appliances is the wear on the glaze, chips and scratches after years of use, and those oops!!! accidents. Once chips and scratches are repaired, the surface is reglazed to near new condition. The high quality of epoxy paint, especially made for resurfacing, and the method of application are a necessary combination to provide a professional look. Using the right materials, especially made for tubs, is of utmost importance. Quality Renew It purchases its materials from a reputable company, selling these perfected materials for 13 years.

If the cost of replacing your tub or sink or just changing colours seems high, you can now achieve the same results at a fraction of the price. Peter will pay you a complimentary visit for a quote.